PowerComm2000 Powerplant Control System

The PowerComm 2000 Substation Control System (500/220kv)is specially designed for high voltage level substations and is configured on the basis of reliable hardware and advanced software.





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  • Local HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Utilizes latest technology and design techniques to improve system reliability
  • Collects large quantities of front-end data in a large substations via an Ethernet port
  • Supports Ethernet, X.25/ WAN and T1/T3
  • Supports up to 70 protocols and 42 communications ports
  • Supports remote control, substation system control and local control with high reliability
  • Implements PLC, IED, Monitor, Digital Fault Record (DFR) and Metering functions
  • Utilizes inter-locking function
  • Performs synchronization checks
  • Provides Advanced Voltage-Reactive Power Control (AVQC)