The D20 is the industry-leading platform for substation automation. Based on an open-ended distributed architecture, and using a series of intelligent modules, D20 gives you complete flexibility to build a reliable, powerful and versatile system capable of handling monitoring, control, automation and communications in the smallest distribution substation to the largest transmission station.





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  • Protocol conversion for information exchange between multiple masters, IEDs and RTUs
  • Library of over 110 host and IED communication protocols
  • A powerful automation tool with our fully integrated soft logic automation LogicLinx™ application I/O points and application parameters easily set in ConfigPro
  • Seven to forty-two communication ports for interfacing to hosts, RTUs and IEDs
  • Multiple databases for multiple master stations
  • Data concentration from IEDs and satellite RTUs
  • Numerous add-on SCADA and advanced automation functions
  • Redundant processor and LAN configuration
  • Capable of up to 15,000 I/O points