The D25 IED functions as a programmable logic controller, substation LAN node, IED gateway, bay level controller, power quality monitor and fault/event (waveform) recorder. It can also be used as a sophisticated equipment monitoring node or a standalone remote terminal unit.is mostly used in power plants, substation bay level control, distributed networks, and switching substations. The D25 controller retrieves data from legacy and third-party devices such as relays, transfers it to a host or enterprise system, monitors and runs diagnostics of primary equipment and expands to meet future physical and functional station requirements.





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  • Power Quality Information

The D25 measures and records total harmonic distortion, harmonic spectrum (DC to 21st harmonic), RMS trending, RMS profiling, voltage sags, swells and interruptions, allowing operators and analysts to examine the consistency of power going through the system and pinpoint problem areas.

  • Digital Fault Recording

Fault records can be transferred automatically via a LAN to the substation computer or directly to a remote PC via email. Utility engineers can analyze these recordings to ensure the relay settings are correct.

  • Substation Metering

Software modules allow 1, 2, 2½ and 3 element metering on as many as six feeders on the same bus in a three-wire configuration, or as many as four feeders on the same bus in a four-wire configuration with revenue class metering accuracy (non-certified).

  • Soft Logic Automation Function

LogicLinx® is a soft logic automation tool that eliminates the costs of hardwiring automation schemes. The application allows you to create software automation applications that link components accurately and logically.