D200 SMU

The D200 SMU (Substation Master Unit) is a flexible platform that can serve as a server/gateway or remote communication controller within a substation control system, or as a standalone control system.The D200 SMU takes substation control far beyond the sphere of the contemporary intelligent remote terminal unit. It is designed with previously unavailable power and flexibility to monitor and control all of the devices in your utility's substation, as well as perform automation, IED gateway and host communication functions.





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  • Provides client/server and peer-to-peer modes
  • Provides virtual connection mode for remote IED access
  • Handles expanded I/O point counts over 15,000
  • Connects to up to 42 host systems and IEDs
  • VME bus architecture affords high scalability and performance for adding serial ports, subLAN options, memory, etc.
  • Integrates and coordinates all data. All applications access a single, real-time database
  • Maintains an extensive library of SCADA protocol emulations and IED interfaces
  • Provides automation tools at your fingertips with LogicLinx™, communications watchdog, calculator, accumulator freeze and analog reference
  • Provides optional redundant configurations for security at critical sites
  • Is hardened to perform critical control functions in the substation environment in accordance with applicable IEEE and IEC standards