MGS200 Gateway Server

MGS200 Gateway Server is a cutting-edge metering device designed and manufactured by Wescon Controls (Shanghai) Inc. MGS200 enables automatic data acquisition, storage, event alarm and multi-protocol communication.





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  • Modular design, easy to expand
  • Simultaneous AC/DC power plug in and automatic switch
  • Large storage capacity: 2G storage card, no data loss in power outage:
  • Types of Data Acquired: total energy, time-sharing energy, maximum demand, current, voltage, power, fundamental energy, harmonic energy, combined tolerance compensation data.
  • Demand energy accumulative calculation and demand energy accumulation data acquisition
  • Maximum support 18 serial ports, 6 of them can be configured as RS232/RS422/RS485 mode. A total of 180 energy meters are supported.
  • 5 independent 10/100M Ethernet ports, supporting TCP/IP protocol
  • 1 GPS port, support IRIG-B codes and NMEA standard (serial port + 1PPS)
  • Slave protocols: IEC61107、STOM、DLMS、SDT、ION、EDMI、DL/T645
  • Master protocols: DL/T719-2000 (IEC81870-5-102) and SCTM.
  • Event Logger: MGS200 records various events including voltage loss, low battery, start-up time, shut-down time, system reset, parameter change, time-synchronizing, modular status, AC/DC power supply status.
  • Alarm Logger: MGS200 records various alerts including communication disruption between energy meters, self-diagnosis.
  • MGS200 can automatically send various information required by customers via sms or email including event alert message, energy data and load profile data. The means of communication can choose GSM / GPRS or internet.
  • MGS200 can browse data and alert via web browser including Internet Explorer.
  • MGS200 consists of a 320×240 STN color LCD. A keyboard with letters and numbers are easy to operate. The information displayed by the LCD facilitates technicians to maintain the equipment rapidly and helps the technicians to check MGS200 and metering status.
  • MGS200 supports remote maintenance and upgrade.
  • Support AC//DC electrical outlets simultaneousl connection and AC/DC power supply automatic switch.
  • Huge storage capacity. External MMC memory card supported.
  • 18 serial ports (including 12 RS485 ports and 6 RS232 ports), supporting a total of 180 metering devices.
  • 4 10/100M Ethernet ports for communication, 1 10/100M Ethernet port for maintenance.
  • 1 GPS port, supporting RIG-B
  • 1 320×240 STN LCD display, 1 16-keys push-button keyboard, 56 real-time LEDs for monitoring and maintenance.